The Black Pumpkin Society


Lyric Nox

Jessica Guiffre

Jessica is a Central Florida actor, she was most recently seen in “A Night on Broadway” for the Grand Opening of Theatre 1901. Other recent credits include “Matilda the Musical” (Miss Honey) and “The Great American Trailer Park Musical” (Jeannie). She also has been a performer with Something New Studios, causing and solving murders all over Central Florida, since 2019. And a special shoutout to her amazing boyfriend who she loves to perform with.

MC Agent Lewis

Justin Lepson

Justin Lepson is no stranger to the stage, starting to perform at a young age with various dance programs in Hampton Roads, VA. He is excited to be performing in Brevard County! Some of his previous appearances include ‘Gene Avery’ in “Screamland” (2022), Demetrius in “A Midsummer Nights Dream” (2023) and you can also catch him in “Something New Studio’s” Improv Murder Mystery dinner shows throughout the central Florida region. Justin would like to thank his neighbor Mrs. Doreen and both his parents for their continued support. He would also like to give a special thank you to his girlfriend Jessica Guiffre for everything she does and being the best partner in life.”

The Seer

Becky Behl-Hill

Becky Behl-Hill has been fortunate enough to perform throughout Brevard. She loves all things spooky and all things horror and all things new and cannot wait for this new experience. Becky is super excited to be finally involved with Mystery Club and the incomparable OP Garza and Emilie Armaza. I’m glad I finally tricked them into it!

The Hierophant

Evan Mosley

I am a long time actor, but I am giving my first performance here in Brevard county. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, a fire for acting started when I was young. From acting in my grandmother’s plays to getting my first serious role coming out of highschool, acting is a passion that will never go away. I would like to personally thank Justin Lepson and O.P. Garza for my first performance opportunity here in Florida. Look forward to showing everyone here what I can do.

The Poet

Rainy Angel

Rainy Angel is a lyricist/HipHop artist/poet from Melbourne, FL. Rainy loves reading, writing, watching old movies and studying grammar. She enjoys going to local shows, meeting new artists and vibing with everyone. She also loves vintage fashion and putting unique outfits together. She has acting experience from when she was a little girl playing a role in A Christmas Carol and other roles in plays. She is currently working on an EP which is set to release by the end of 2023 called the “Rainy Angel EP”.

The Strongman

Jesse Voldseth

Step right up and witness the amazing Jesse Voldseth! He is an aspiring actor who studied improv for seven months and voice acting for four months. The path to his tangled heart is rooted with fairytales and horror. His addiction for fiction often leaves him lost in many curious worlds and now, for the first time ever, he is ready to lift the barrier between reality and fantasy. 

Pumpkin Twin

Rachel Milbourne

Rachel struggles with two things: talking about herself and telling brief stories. She enjoys asking open-ended questions (“why?” Or the even more daring “why not?”) and often engages in a mutual process of gaining information and context while the work speaks its own language. Other challenges may include: procrastination, random acts of disappearance, avoidance, and not getting enough sleep but also extreme hibernation). One of her greatest natural strengths, however, is being inherently spooky, so you may spot her more easily once fall rolls around without having to coax her from her natural habitat. Is the creepiness truly an act? The world may never know.


Emilie Armaza

Emilie Armaza is a well versed creatively focused actress. She excels in moody and complex characters and has a knack for making the perfect face for all types of screenshots. She has many years of Renaissance Faire experience, been in countless small productions and is the driving force behind the scenes of Mystery Club. She is excited to be in front of the camera once more. 

MC Agent Brian

Jack Morris

Jack went to high school in California at Way Side High. He was the most popular kid in class, due to his charm. Often involved in amusing pranks that would backfire, he was well known as a hilarious schemer. After high school, he went on to his college years and married his dream girl. He then moved to Florida where he connected with Mystery Club HQ and is excited to perform in his first production.