Mate Matching with Maude


Maude Monarque

Zamira Marquez

Zamira Marquez was born in Homestead, Florida, but lived overseas for most of her early childhood.
Her passions are singing and acting. She graduated from the University of Miami with a BA in Music and
Theater. She spent nine years teaching English in Japan. She also speaks German. She is a voice actor
and author. She currently teaches private singing lessons. She has performed in various local shows and
musicals including The Wiz, Willy Wonka, Tarzan, It’s A Wonderful Life, Once On This Island, The Full
Monty, Screamland, and Evita.

Brent Hardgrowth

Justin Lepson

Justin Lepson is no stranger to the stage, starting to perform at a young age with various dance programs in Hampton Roads, VA. He is excited to be performing in Brevard County! Some of his previous appearances include ‘Gene Avery’ in “Screamland” (2022), Demetrius in “A Midsummer Nights Dream” (2023) and you can also catch him in “Something New Studio’s” Improv Murder Mystery dinner shows throughout the central Florida region. Justin would like to thank his neighbor Mrs. Doreen and both his parents for their continued support. He would also like to give a special thank you to his girlfriend Jessica Guiffre for everything she does and being the best partner in life.”

Belinda - the Lawyer

Becky Behl-Hill

Becky Behl-Hill has been fortunate enough to perform throughout Brevard. She loves all things spooky and all things horror and all things new and cannot wait for this new experience. Becky is super excited to be finally involved with Mystery Club and the incomparable OP Garza and Emilie Armaza. I’m glad I finally tricked them into it!

Jacob - The Vlogger

Evan Mosley

I am a long time actor, but I am giving my first performance here in Brevard county. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, a fire for acting started when I was young. From acting in my grandmother’s plays to getting my first serious role coming out of highschool, acting is a passion that will never go away. I would like to personally thank Justin Lepson and O.P. Garza for my first performance opportunity here in Florida. Look forward to showing everyone here what I can do.

Scarlett - The Musician

Kristian Rodriguez

Kristian is super excited and grateful for this opportunity as he hasn’t quite done a show like this before! Although he has been performing in plays, musicals, concerts in the past 12 years. His most recent credits include Escape to Margaritaville (Jesus/Ensemble), Legally Blonde (Nikos, Padamadan, Ensemble), Sister Act (Pablo US/ Ensemble, and as part of a series of one act plays by Tennesse Williams ( Tom in This Property is Condemned). He hopes you have a wild time with this crazy good madness you’re about to embark on!!

Atticus - MC Agent

Jesse Voldseth

Step right up and witness the amazing Jesse Voldseth! He is an aspiring actor who studied improv for seven months and voice acting for four months. The path to his tangled heart is rooted with fairytales and horror. His addiction for fiction often leaves him lost in many curious worlds and now, for the first time ever, he is ready to lift the barrier between reality and fantasy. 

Adira - The Therapist

Leslie Roth

As a graduate of Screamland University, I’m sad to leave Edith Headless behind, not sad to leave Davinia. After years of involvement as an actor in many local “straight” plays, I’m back in a weird and eerie experience. Thanks to O.P. and Emilie and all my partners in our Halloween hijinks for so much fun.

Liza - The Secretary

April Florio

April Florio has been a Brevard County local since 2004 when she moved here from Manhattan. She has been working as an actress in Film, Theatre and Television for more than 25 years. She is a lover of horror, thrillers, gore and just plain entertainment and is thrilled to be a part of this like-minded cast of characters.

Amanita - EO Sales

Nailah Shrewsbury

Born and raised in Bogotá D.C, right on top of the Andes mountains in South America, where from an early age i met incredible masters who guided me through the liberating and painful paths of scenic arts. I’ve done work in cine, theater and television. In my teens I studied directing of scenic arts in the ASAB (Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá D.C) where I’ve acquired classic theater tools and an unbreakable love for the scene. I’m feeling joyful to be back to the multidimensional wooden floor and to join Mystery Club in this mysterious and funny case #0014.

Solanine - The Artist

Devin Kimple

I have been performing in Brevard County for just over 10 years. I have previously performed with several local theatres and dance studios in the Melbourne area. For the last six years, I have been performing at various Renaissance fairs doing Shakespeare productions, singing and so much more. This summer, I was cast as Mote in a midsummer night’s dream at Surfside Playhouse. Most of my recent involvement in productions has been as a costume designer. I am very excited about this opportunity to perform with such a talented cast and creative team!

Karla - Truck Driver

Suzee Carson-Branch

Suzee, hailing from Montana, ended up in Florida a few years ago whereupon she immediately scouted out the local theater scene. Loving to play required finding new playmates! Luckily Brevard County is chock full of community theaters. Surfside Playhouse seemed the perfect fit for a number of reasons. Suzee’s spent most of her life involved with theater in some shape or form in a bunch of places…Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Washington state, Wisconsin, and Montana. Her ears perked up for sure when hearing about Mystery Club via her trusty friends Leslie Roth, Becky Hill and Justin Lepson. Suzee is mincing about on tippy toes with antici——pa——tion!!!

Debbie - Fitness Pro

Sarah Wright

So a few things about me…

I’m a permanent makeup and tattoo artist in the Brevard county area. I love being creative so tattooing allows me to indulge in my creativity as well as it is therapeutic, almost, when I’m in the zone. I have passion for my career.I also am a mother of 4 amazing kids and I enjoy being a mom more than anything in the world. I love my family. Being a part of this cast is a great way to have some adult interaction and conversations since all I do is work and take care of the kids, so thank you so much for this opportunity to be a part of it.

Let’s have some fun and make the best of it!! 🙏🏻

Richard Nasty - P.I.

Gene Hayes

Gene is excited to perform with the rest of these Fine Players in this very interesting…..thing. Gene has performed in Brevard County for over 30 years in various venues including The King Center For Performing Arts and at the Sebastian Inlet Center! He has also appeared in National Geographic’s, “The Right Stuff”. So, sit back, hold on to your seats and get ready for Maude! Enjoy the Show!

Chip Chipley - Emcee

Patrick Phillips

Hailing from the wild & wonderful mountains of West Virginia, Patrick Phillips always knew the glitz and glam of movie making was his true calling. His thirst for creativity ultimately led him to Pittsburgh where he acquired a degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. Soon after, he migrated to Florida where he met Mate Matching With Maude’s director, O.P. Garza. A friendship was forged over cheesy 80s movies, liminal spaces and lore building. Throughout the years, Patrick has produced content for escape rooms, haunted houses and personal projects, all while maintaining his day job creating video content for the Department of Defense. In 2019, he was half the brainchild of Brevard County’s only horror film festival, Picture Show Panic. He produced ominous social media content, assisted with the event organization and even starred as the show’s mascot. When faced with the threat of a global pandemic a year later, he helped turn the festival into an online event in the form of Picture Show Panic: VIRAL. In 2022, he reprised his role as PSP’s mascot in Eau Gallie’s “Screamland”, an experimental haunted art exhibit. Now, finally being accepted as a member of Mystery Club, Patrick is immensely excited and honored to see what creative wonders this event brings.

MC Agent Brian

Jack Morris

Jack went to high school in California at Way Side High. He was the most popular kid in class, due to his charm. Often involved in amusing pranks that would backfire, he was well known as a hilarious schemer. After high school, he went on to his college years and married his dream girl. He then moved to Florida where he connected with Mystery Club HQ and is excited to perform in his first production.