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If you would like to receive clandestine intelligence communications directly from the Mystery Club HQ, then look no further. You’ll be the first to know about any new cases, mysterious phenomena recorded, or supernatural events that have appeared on our radar. Additionally, you can expect to be awarded with discount codes for your brave encounters with this sensitive information.


Is it your destiny to be a part of the ranks of Mystery Club? What is your role in this grand enigma? Only you can decide.



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$3 / Month

What’s included

  • Official MC Member

With this tier, you will become an official member of Mystery Club. This gains you access to all HQ mysteries at a lower entry fee than your non-member counterparts.

You will also receive a cool membership badge with your very own barcode that identifies you as an official Mystery Club Member.

$33 / Month

What’s included

  • Official MC Member
  • Entry into the Mystery Club HQ + User access to the HQ Case Terminal
  • Monthly Research and Development Missions
  • Exclusive Operation Communications from E7


As a member of our esteemed MC R&D team you’re an HQ Keyholder. This means you will have exclusive access to the Mystery Club Headquarters to assist in research for a variety of missions through out the month. As you solve these mysteries, you will earn pages for your MC Dossier that add to your knowledge base or may lead you to solving future mysteries.