Case# 2022

In 2022, Mystery Club was able to capture and eliminate an interdimensional being categorized as a Vermis Creativa, a grub-like space worm that has the ability to create pocket universes. It captures humans with certain scents and feasts on their corpses over a long period of time. You may recognize this creature from a pocket universe called Screamland.

Its victims hallucinate the entire time they are being consumed and they believe they exist in a nightmare purgatory. When they are fully consumed, they deteriorate into puddles of paint like excrement. It’s not pleasant. Mystery Club has been working on technology that is able to listen in on this pocket dimension and we now believe that the victims are actually able to communicate while being consumed. The capture of this creature has stirred up the metaphorical “dust” of energy in the vicinity and Mystery Club has once again been deployed to the area.